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It's Earth Day in the year 2030, ...

... and the adults in a small town in upstate New York fight over whether to accept another influx of American climate refugees. It doesn’t go well, and the children are left to clean up the mess.

the film

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The facts


First the short film.

Then the feature.

Earth Day 2030 was produced as a short film in 2019, selected for the Albany Film Festival in 2020,  and won Best Comedy Short at the festival debuted in 2021. 

The mission


We aim to save the planet by making people laugh, think and act.

Most narratives about the climate catastrophe facing us consist of alarms, denial and fatalism. Remarkably, there has been only one mainstream movie about climate change--The Day After Tomorrow--released way back in 2004. 

Clearly, we need a new way to talk about climate change. Fortunately, there is a way to reach people and get beyond the fear and paralysis that comes with a crisis this severe. Humor is the key, served with a large dose of relatable, every-day characters. That is the approach we take in Earth Day 2030.

Our film is a comedic allegory told in the mockumentary style of The Office and Best in Show, with the ingrained political subtext of District 9. It will get you thinking about, laughing at, and empathizing with, regular people who are dealing with the impact of extreme weather, climate refugees and issues of intergenerational justice.   

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